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#108 - Informality

Hoy os traemos otro libro sobre técnicas de dibujo y el aprendizaje. Este se llama Informality. Es un libro creado por Andres Parada. Me quedo con sus palabras que explica su trayectoria y el libro:

Today we have another guide-book. It is called Informality. Is a book written by Andres Parada. I think that  his words are the best to describe it:

“Expression through images has always felt most natural to me. When I was a little young kid, I used pencils and crayons; as a teenager, it was often through a spray-can or acrylic paint; and since my mid-twenties, it has been through a pen or Photoshop.

I am not an educator, so this book is not intended to instruct but rather to inspire. I remember in 2005 when I first came across the book “Design Sketching” by Klara Sjölen and Erik Olofsson, I was struck by the high level of skill and creativity I saw in those sketches. It was highly inspiring for me as a design student to have that book as a resource. Throughout the last year I have had a desire to compile a book that could invigorate others the same way I was inspired then.

This book is divided into eight sections of content. Each section presents its topic from rough sketches done in an analog way to more refined sketches created digitally in
Photoshop. Almost everything in this book is non-client work, but all the sections are dedicated to areas of design in which I have experience.

I am by no means a master at sketching, drawing or visual communication, but I work diligently daily on honing my skills toward greater excellence. My intent is to offer this compilation of sketch work as an inspirational and practical reference book that can hopefully motivate others to produce great work.” – Andres Parada

El libro se puede comprar en Blurb. / You can buy it in Blurb.

Unas fotos / Some photos:

Fuente de inspiración: idsketching

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